Monday, April 14, 2014

Mom & Sister

Bride's Sister
Three beauties, Janice with her mother and sister, at Roy's Ko Olina.

Best Fan

Roys Restaurant Ko OlinaJanice's sister is a big fan!

(Photo taken at ROYS RESTAURANT in Ko Olina.)

Fun with Sis

Fun-loving sisters at Roy's Ko Olina.

Sisters have some Fun!

beautiful sistersSisters
Fun shots are... well... FUN!

Flower Girl

Flower Girl poses with the Bride's Bouquet.

Stunning Guests

Lovely Mexicanas are simply stunning.

Movie Stars

Edgar's wedding guests from Mexico look like movie stars!

Bridesmaid with Two Bouquets

The Bridesmaid holds the Bride's Bouquet.

Sister of the Bride

 Beautiful Bridesmaid and sister of the Bride.

Mother & Daughters

Paradise Cove
Beautiful shot of Janice with her mother and sister at her Paradise Cove Wedding.